A STRAUTMANN Verti-Mix 2401 feed car

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Verti Mix 2401 Double
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Technical data

Production year: 2014
Name of technical means: Fodder car
Producer: Strautmann 
Model: Verti Mix 2401 Double
Capacity: 19 m3
Empty trailer weight: 7300 kg
Permissible total weight: 17 800 kg
Axle type: double axle (tandem) 4 wheels
Nominal gear: Drive with 1/1 and 1.80 / 1 shift gear for straw blower. 2 x T-Koaxial transmission 26 U / min
Power demand: from 88 kW / 120 hp
- Base machine - Verti Mix 2401 Double fodder mixer
- Drain for the cross conveyor belt front and straw blower rear
- Front cross conveyor belt 2270 mm
- Straw blower rear with on-board hydraulics and electromagnetic operation
- Electric adjustment of the tailgate
- Hydraulic adjustment of the turret by 216o
- Tandem axle slad 1720mm with hydraulic brake 6km / h
- Standard axis position
- 4 x wheels kpl 400 / 60-15,5 (14PR)
- Drawbar with upper hook with 40mm flange drawbar eye
- Mechanical support leg
- Mechanical counter-blade
- Standard snails
- Straw knives (12 x short knife, 4 x long knife)
- E hydraulics 3 functions
- E hydraulics service terminal
- 2 x T-Koaxial transmission 26U / min
- Drive with 1/1 and 1.80 / 1 shift gear for straw blower
- Electric operation of the rated gear
- PTM HL50 weighing device
- Articulated shaft
- Without raisers
- Electric speed control of the cross conveyor belt
- AV50 PTM indicator

Additional information

A feed car is a trailer adapted to mix and measure cow feed, which increases milk production efficiency. Mixing individual ingredients into one complete mixture of TMR (partial or total mix portion) means that the animals can not select the consumed ingredients and thus the cows consume the feed with even ingredients with each bite. This guarantees optimal physiological supply.
Technical condition
The feed car is in good technical condition. Small operational damage was found in the form of paint chips and scratches. There are grass residues inside the feed tank. The tires of all wheels are the same BKT Implement AW-708 400/60-R15,5 with a tread height of 18 mm. No mechanical damage was found. Technical efficiency during work was not verified.

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