Ftex JS BT- 180 digital color printer

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Model / Type:
JS BT-180
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Technical data

Producer: FTEX
Type: JS BT-180
Production year: 2013
Power supply: 400 V
Power: 6.5 kW
Print width: 1800 mm
Print length: 2200 mm
Material thickness: 0-20 mm
Number of 4/8 heads (508 nozzles)
The type of DDP SEIKO GS508 printhead
Resolution from 360 to 720 dpi
Capacity of 2 liter INK ink bags
Ink type Pigment, reactive, acidic
Number of colors 4/8 Vacuum in control of the ink level
Exterior dimensions:
length: 3,200 mm
width: 2 100 mm
height: 1 400 mm
Additional equipment:
DVD LOGIC computer with keyboard, mouse, cabling
PHILIPS monitor
electronic key
Digital color printer - Ftex JS BT-180 plotter - designed for large format printing on fabrics. The perfect solution for the producers of advertising and interior decoration. Suitable for advertising fabric due to the good quality color printing. The optimal system for moving fabrics. Printing with all classes of dyes. High print quality, maximum flexibility, fast print and high performance, transfer and knit printing, high print resolution, print width up to 1800mm, textile dyes.

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