IDEA TOP 20.10 machining center

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Machines for stone
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IDEA TOP 20-10
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Technical data

Producer: COBALM
Type: IDEA TOP 20-10 (I.TOP 20-10)
Production year: 2015
Power supply: 400 V
Power: 5.5 kW
Max turnover: 18000
Working range (X; Y; Z) - 2050, 1100, 280 mm
Pressure: 6 bar
Weight: about 2500 kg
Exterior dimensions:
width: 3,600 mm
length: 2,200 mm
Height: 2,000 mm
Stand with a control cabinet with a computer
DVP coolant pump type CPV25 / 25
Remote manual controller
COBALM machining center model IDEA TOP 20-10 numerically controlled with 3 interpolated axes (X-Y-Z) for processing marble, granite and natural stones. The machine is built on a metal construction welded electrically, coated with special ceramic coatings. It was designed with the construction of a movable portal with a work surface made of solid aluminum plate. The axis movement is driven by a brushless motor on precisely tilted stands. Moves on linear ball guides. The machine is equipped with a stainless steel tank for recovery of cooling water, machining tools and pumps. Especially suitable for drilling, milling, creating flat surfaces, polishing flat surfaces and edges. The basic computer program includes drilling plans.

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