Machine for double-head ENIGMA type cake MB-2 2010

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Technical data

Producer: ENIGMA
Type: MB-2
Production year: 2010
Power supply: 400 V
Power: 3.26 kW
The width of the sheets: 600 mm
Weight: 395 kg
Exterior dimensions:
length: 1 600 mm
width: 1 200 mm
Height: 1 620 mm
lath - matrix: 5 items
matrix strip for replaceable mouthpieces + mouthpieces
baking tray 620 x 650 mm: 2 items
The double-head machine ENIGMA type MB-2 with equipment is a machine for the production of pasticied biscuits of various shapes, stuffed, decorated,
dispensed directly to the sheet, laid on the conveyor belt.
According to the producer, the following stages of cookie production can be performed on the MB-2 machine:
1. Production of one-colored cookies.
2. Production of two-colored biscuits.
3. Decorating cookies.
4. Cutting the string from the cookie head from the first tray.
5. Making meringue cakes.
6. Making biscuit.
7. Making all kinds of shapes from shortbread, scalded and meringue pastry.
8. Production of bottoms for all types of rolad.
9. Production of muffins and stefanki.
10. Simultaneous production and filling of cookies (optional)
11. The possibility of producing cookies called pyramids with simultaneous filling and decorating.
12. Working with semi-liquid pastes.
13. Possibility of simultaneous production on two sheets of different cookie designs which doubles production efficiency.
The machine has squeegee slats that can be equipped with tips for various cookie shapes with string cutting.

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