Sharpening OW-4 to band saws Drozdowski

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Technical data

1. Length of sharpened band saw blades 2400 - 5000 mm

2. Width of sharpened band saw blades: 15 - 50 mm

3. The amount of sharpened teeth: 4 - 7 mm

4. Pitch sharpened teeth: 22 mm (12 - 32 mm on request)

5. Speed of sharpening: 40 teeth / min

6. Electric drive:

- Spindle: Electric motor 0.18 kW / 400V / 2800 r.p.m.

- Feed: Electric motor 0.15 kW / 400 V / 900 r.p.m.

7. Grinding (profiles automatically!): Diameter 150 mm x 8 mm x thickness opening 13 or 20 mm

8. Dimensions sharpeners: 800 x 700 x h. 1300 mm

9. Weight sharpeners: 120 kg




Gag band saws RWM / RWS / RWV Drozdowski


Gag is designed for opening the teeth of band saws in a fast and easy.

Dilation of teeth is done manually by pressing the lever, by performing a reverse shift of the saw teeth on another.

Depending on the type of blade set manner and size of opening, for example. Saws to band sawmills set the system simple one tooth and two parted. In this cycle gag simultaneously opens two teeth and one passed.

Technical data :

1. Size of setting: 1.0 mm per side (model RWV 0.3 to 0.5 mm)

2. Accuracy of setting: + / - 0.05 mm

3. The operating speed: 70 teeth / min

4. The width of blades: 15-100 mm

5. Tooth pitch: 8-50 mm (model RWV: fixed pitch 22mm)

6. The tooth height 5-15 mm

7. The thickness of the blades: 1.2 mm

8. Total weight:

- With stand: 65 kg

- Without stand: 35 kg

Additional information

The machine is designed for sharpening of band saws in semi-automatic cycle. Change the parameters of the tooth is done by hand. The grinding wheel receives the drive from the electric motor, while the saw stroke is driven by a gear motor. Smooth stroke adjustment wheel (top-down) gives you the ability to set different tooth height, and size of tooth pitch is adapted to the standard pitch 22 mm (other pitches on an individual order).

The machine has a cam, which allows the different combinations to obtain the position of the driving many modifications tooth profile.

One rotation of the cam closes the cycle of sharpening one tooth.

Sharpener is equipped with a pump for cooling the tooth during the sharpening process.

The machine must be firmly set or fixed to the floor.

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