Five-axis tool sharpener, grinder granite block Föhrenbach CNC F GRIND 605 Professional

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265 000 €
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Metalworking machines
Condition of the machine:
Föhrenbach GmbH, Deutschland
Model / Type:
F Grind 605
Year of const.:

Technical data

Manufacturer: Föhrenbach GmbH, Germany
Model: F Grind 605
Year: 2012
No Factory: 701600002
Measures and weight
- Tool grinder F-Grind 605
Width 2600 mm
Depth 2200 mm (without control panel)
Height 3200 mm
Weight approx. 6000 kg Machine with full protection cabin and control cabinet
Connected load pneumatic
- Air consumption 450 liters / min
- compressed air 6 - 8 bar
Linear axes
X axis
- Travel along X-axis 750 mm
- Speed X-axis 1.0 m / s
- Resolution X-axis 0.0001 mm
- Vertical travel Y-axis 280 mm
- Speed Y-axis 0.5 m / s
- Resolution Y-axis 0.0001 mm
- Travel across Z-axis 350 mm
- Speed Z-axis 0.5 m / s
- Resolution Z-axis 0.0001 mm
- Travel along U-axis 650 mm
Rotary axes with linear drive
- Speed B-axis 0-1500 rpm
- Resolution B-axis ≤ 0.01 s
- Swiveling movement B-axis 220 °
- Speed C-axis 0-1500 rpm
- Resolution C-axis ≤ 0.01 s
- Rotation C-axis 0-∞
Measuring system
- Direct measuring system on the linear and swivel axes
Grinding spindle drive
- Drive power 7.5 kW at 5000 rpm
- Speed control infinitely variable up to 12000 rpm
Tool holders
Automatic recording for changing the grinding wheel sets HSK 50
- Work head with direct drive SK 50
Work space
- work piece length for complete machining max. 300 mm
- Work piece Ø for complete machining max. 100 mm
Grinding wheels
- diameter max. 150 mm
- Grinding wheels per picture 3
- Grinding wheel mandrel HSK 50
- CNC control Föhrenbach uinipos 820-WH
The basic version consists of:
- Main support
- Linear axes
- Grinding spindle
- Chiller
- Workpiece headstock
- Full protection cabin
- Cabinet with a cooling device
- Rotary console to operate the CNC
Further outfitted with:
- Automatic locking system
- Manual clamping system
- Foot pedal
- Grinding, measuring tentacles
- Coolant unit
- A horse with anti-informer.
- Full documentation in German

Additional information

Granite block - very precise machine (state of the machine: as new). Five-axis, one head grinding and sharpening CNC designed for the production of cylindrical cutting tools. Professional numeric machine German production with full instrumentation. Made of granite block. The unit cost 380 000 €. The machine is in perfect condition, complete with additional retrofitting. Grinder produced in 2012, launched in 2014. It worked in a company producing components for aircraft for a period of one year. The machine connected to the power supply, now is not used, there is the opportunity to test it during operation.

CNC machine Föhrenbach F GRIND 605 Professional has been produced on special order for the production of cutting tools with cemented carbide, used in the automotive and aerospace industries. The machine has a powerful 4.5-ton granite base, which guarantees almost 100% elimination of vibrations during the grinding process. This affects on the unique accuracy and quality of surface grinding. Sander has a separate team of highly efficient filters, which allows it to work at very high feed rates to provide adequate lubrication polished tools in less time. Lateral opening in the machine allows grinding and sharpening tools with long dimensions even above 1 meter. MTS software in full version allows you to create special tools, both in serial and unitary production. A machine which has this software is able to grind cutters with variable geometry of the blade side, ideal tools for machining stainless steel, and Inconel used in the aerospace industry. If you buy this machine you will be able to compete with the best global corporations utilities.

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