Xerox DocuColor 5252 Printing Device

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Condition of the machine: Used

Condition of the machine:
Model / Type:
DocuColor 5252
Year of const.:

Technical data

Manufacturer: Fuji Xerox

Serial number: 2253305960

Year of manufacture: no data

Model, type: DocuColor 5252


Paper weight: 64-280 g / m²

Maximum resolution: 600 x 600 dpi

Print speed: 52 pcs / min.

Maximum resolution: 600x600 dpi

Paper weight: 64-280 g / m²

Power supply: 208-240 V; 50-60 HZ



Computer Creo Spire CXP 5000 (SN2890015053), Windows 2000 Professional Software, AOC LM520A Computer Monitor (SN1404AJA024823), device connecting wires, ADPC 12350BB, Microsoft mouse, X-Rite DTP34 Densitometer (SN003769), X-Rite SE 30 Fuji Xerox Docucolor 5252 labeled with RPG 330596 + YNA-2, Elec BOX labeled with ELC 330596, HCSS receiving station (SN2253305960) with shelf, programmer z-77 (SNI41202283A2), FED 330589 paper feeder (SN2253305960) The monitor.


The printing device is in good visual condition with traces of operational use, each equipment is disconnected. There is no way to verify that the devices are functioning, the counter can not be checked. No mechanical damage. The complete efficiency of all equipment and complete equipment has been assumed. Consumables close to total wear. The service must be serviced before reuse. It is not possible to declare the year of manufacture. 

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Advertisment number: 604440417
530 €
Export 0% TAX, Poland + 23% TAX

Status: Valid
tel: +48 600 722 800

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