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Model / Type:
FG 260G
Year of const.:

Technical data

Manufacturer: CANOL
Model: FG 260G
Year of production: 2008
Technical parameters
Own weight: 800 kg
length: 3.54 m
width: 1.67 m
Height: 2.10 m
Engine power: 9 kW
Oil capacity: 260 liters
Double reversing system: RPK YES
Oil level monitoring system: GCL-ST YES
Gas burner: GZ-50 YES
Maximum productivity: 2280 pcs / h
Line components:
1. Feeder, model CAR 79
2. Automatic fryer with control cabinet FG 2606G
3. Stuffing unit, GLOBUS 8 model
4. Decanting system, model DEC 1000 SX (unit used for periodic cleaning of the oil)
5. Dispenser for pans, model ALICE A-79
6. Carriages - 2 items.
The prepared and molded dough is placed on a wooden tray covered with material. The tray is
manually transferred to the feeder, where the wooden tray slides out, the dough remains on the material.
The feeder moves the whole towards the fryer. The material is pulled through the rod, so it wraps in
tape on the underside, while the dough is taken over by the next conveyor belt and directed to the bath with
hot fat. There, through the truss, the dough is moved further, in the meantime it is
double-inverted (RPK system). After leaving the bath, the donut on the belt is displaced to the stuffing unit. The photocell system checks the presence of a donut and injects the filling inside. After that packages are taped to manual pickup.

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