About us

Kennedy Group was established in 1998. It started from the roofing wholesale, which leads to today. Thanks to the efficient managerial staff and modern management company is constantly growing, resulting in rising Kennedysmachines - daughter company that deals with selling industrial machines worldwide. Own warehouse facilities and cooperation with numerous partners allows for efficient and professional fulfillment of all orders.

Our range of machines is increasing steadily. We sell machines both new and used for the timber industry, construction, agriculture, transportation, and many others. Our specialists give advice and assistance.

Most of the machines we sell directly from their current location. Before making a purchase, each client has the ability to see as well as check of the purchased equipment. In the description of each machines which we offered we try to precisely determine its current condition, and include extensive photographic documentation.

We encourage to cooperate with those, who want to open their own business with the use of machines, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large manufacturers. We operate both locally and globally. We are able to arrange transport machine purchased in every part of the world.